July Real Estate Update

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Houses on the market are slowly but surely decreasing their time on the market, bringing with it less expired properties by an 11% decrease. Although there is decrease in the amount of properties sold by 12%, there is an increase in the average price of properties sold by 7% and a $110,000 increase on the price tags in Alamo.  This can cause the decrease in for sale properties to level out in the next few months to have more supply on the market at an average price range of 3% higher than the past for sale pricing.

As for Alamo, the median sale price went up year over year by 3% from $1,847,400 to $1,899,000.
Sold properties were down year over year by 12% from 24 to 21.
Properties under contract went down year over year by 34% from 29 to 19.
New properties went down year over year by 13% from 33 to 32.
For sale properties also went down year over year by 21% from 92 to 73.
Expired properties went down by 11% from 9 to 8.
The average days on the market went down by 3% from 39 to 38.